Author name: Kevin Rohan

Mid-April Update

Well, it’s the middle of April and we’ve been quiet for a while. As you can see here we tweaked the classic Silver Gryphon icon just a little for the new year and we like it! We’re in the middle of a social media revamp as well as getting a few projects finished up that …

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Nanocon and New Products

Man, it’s been…over a year since we have gone to a convention. Kevin and Ben have been super busy, schedules haven’t lined up, and life takes precedence over the game company sometimes. That’s kind of the double-edged sword of being a small-press publishing company. It’s a lot of fun, but sometimes it needs to be …

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Wellstone City Wednesday – Sokolov’s Gambit

Soulstice Yoga Studios has been firebombed. While the ashes are still cooling, the owner of the establishment, Anastasia Volken is wanting answers. Her friends-of-friends in the Russian mob have been more than helpful in getting the ball rolling for the investigation, but there’s just one small problem: she doesn’t trust the investigator, a hard-as-nails Russian …

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