I’m going on an Adventure… but I fell into our Kickstarter!


I'm going on an adventure


So, I didn’t want anyone to think I’d forgotten about you… or my journey into RPGs, but I’ve been a little bit busy. We launched our newest Kickstarter project, Æthermancy and while we are VERY, VERY excited about it, it hasn’t left a lot of time the last few days for me to do a lot with this project. I promise, I’ll have something fun for you next week!

I do hope all of you take a minute to check out the project, and pledge if you can, and if you can’t,  maybe tell a friend who might want to.

Æther is a great system for new players like me, it’s universal which means you can do anything with it, since my imagination is all over the place, that sounds JUST ABOUT PERFECT.

We have a couple levels that include everything you need, which might be a good way for someone new to get started too.  Well, almost everything, of course, you’d need a computer/phone/tablet to order right? I figure you’ve already got one of those!

So if you’re like me and new to all of this, I hope you’re having a good time. Kickstarter is a great place to find all kinds of games, not just ours, so go take a look…. and I promise I’ll be back next week to talk about dice!