The last 9 months

A Quick Word from Silver Gryphon Games…

If you were following us last spring and the winter before that, we were going strong, with our monthly releases of Silver Gryphon Monthly rolling out fast and furious. Then in June, we were gone. You were probably wondering what virtually everyone else was wondering: where in the hell did we go?

Well, we had an eventful summer and fall. Ben got married, Kevin went back to school, and between the two, it has been very hectic.

In November we hit our first Con, one in our back yard, so to speak, Nanocon in Madison, South Dakota. We had a blast there and after weathering a nasty winter in the Midwest, we managed to make it to another local Con and we’re heading to MAGE Con in Sioux City, Iowa.

We have also had a major change of direction with our printers, switching from Lulu to Lightning Source and we have been busily reformatting our books in order to conform to their print sizes. We have a few other tricks up our sleeves and we will be releasing more news as soon as they develop.

So with that being said, keep a look out for the re-release of the Æther Core Book in a snazzy new format, keep an eye open for a web-enhanced PDF version available from our PDF sales points, and new revisions of Zombacalypse as well. As always, the new versions are very slightly modified versions of the old books and everything is perfectly compatible with everything we have put out under the Æther flag.

We have a number of other projects in the pipe, so stay tuned and see what’s in store from Silver Gryphon Games in 2010!