Devil Lizard

HP: 4d6
Num: 1-4
Spd: 6
Dmg: 1d6
Def: 6
Soak: 12
CL: 4

Devil lizards are neither devils nor lizards, though they share elements of both. They are 6 feet long mammals with four legs, four eyes, and a shark-like mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. A devil lizard has two long tails that are constantly in motion. Its skin has a fine coat of reddish fur whose pattern seems to mimic scales. Its feet end in long talons, perfect for lacerating prey.

Highly carnivorous, devil lizards are fast and aggressive. They are excellent climbers, and are known to leap out of trees onto passing prey. Their preferred method of hunting, however, is to simply charge directly at a victim. A devil lizard’s jaws are powerful, and it can snap a steel sword in half with a single bite. If its victim is larger than itself, it will climb up and latch on with its talons, then start biting its prey to death.

Devil lizards do not know fear and will fight to the death. They are stupid creatures and easily tricked, however, especially by bright lights, since their eyesight is better adapted to seeing in low-light conditions.


Vicious Bite – A devil lizard will attempt to bite its prey’s softest or least-protected spot in order to incapacitate it. This is rolled like a normal attack. If it misses, the devil lizard still hits, but only for 1d6 damage. If it hits, on the other hand, this attack deals 2d8 damage and the devil lizard is considered to be attached to its prey. A Physical Strength roll of 10 or higher is necessary to break free. Any physical attacks or abilities receive a -5 penalty while the devil lizard is attached.