Author name: Ben Overmyer

logo for Ingenium Second Edition

Ingenium is getting a second edition!

In the wake of the OGL meltdown, and with progress on Aether and Aethermancy ahead of schedule, it’s time to announce another project for 2023. We will be releasing a second edition of our fantasy RPG Ingenium!

Protecting open gaming: Our position on the OGL crisis

Hey everybody, Kevin and Ben at Silver Gryphon Games here. I don’t think there’s a gamer out there that hasn’t seen a dozen hot takes on the new OGL coming from Wizards of the Coast that will up-end the way that content for Dungeons and Dragons is created. Open gaming is under siege.

Anti-AI logo bearing the text "No to AI generated images"

Our stance on AI artwork

I want to clarify Silver Gryphon Games’ stance on AI artwork. We believe that AI artwork, as it’s being used and as it has the potential to be used, does more harm than good.

Update on Aethermancy and the expanded focus of the new Aether

This is the first in a regular series of posts on Sunday mornings. I’ll be writing about the progress we made in the previous week and plans for the following week. For today’s update, we’re going to dive into the progress being made on Aethermancy and the new edition of Aether.

Celebrate with us as Silver Gryphon Games returns!

Three years ago, Kevin and I made the difficult decision to shut down the company. The circumstances leading to that decision were complicated, and you can read our farewell post if you want to know the specifics. Today, we formally return to full operations! A lot has changed in the intervening years. Our lives have …

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