The Wellstone City Prophet

The Wellstone Prophet
Location: The Artery

The Wellstone Prophet is a publication that is printed and distributed in Wellstone City to all of the corner news stands and some of the mom-and-pop stores, particularly in the boroughs of Little Haiti, Little Italy, the Spanish Quarter, and the Warrens. It is a daily rag that is usually four to ten pages of pure crazy and conspiracy theory regarding linking killing sprees, supernatural events, aliens, and some say tracking the police. Its readership is generally regarded as the tin-foil hat wearing doomsayers proclaiming that the end is nigh, but that is definitely not all of the readers.

It is said that there are secret messages passed from one shadowy group to the other via the Prophet as well. Hidden messages that are unbreakable without the cryptology key which involves not only sentences and paragraphs, but skips back and forth through pages as well are said to be buried in the Prophet. Most people disregard this as just urban legend, but it is known that certain members of the Department of Homeland Security’s cryptology department are involved with checking the Prophet for hidden clues and messages. Nothing to date has been made public about any discoveries.

The printer of the Prophet is a man named Geoffry Canter, a man who claims to have been part of the MK Ultra and MK Ultra II projects, though no record of his involvement in the military has ever been substantiated. Records as to is where abouts during the late 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s indicate that this Wellstone native was locked in the Wellstone City Psychiatric Hospital in the Battery. Geoffry explains this away by emphatically asking, “where do you think the experiments were run?” when ever anyone tries to check on his past.

In truth, no one knows what happened in the hospital. The doctor and staff that were looking after this patient were all killed in a van accident while traveling to the Boardwalk back in the early 80’s. The staff and several of the patients with them were killed immediately, the rest of those involved in the wreck died in the hospital. The truck driver that had fallen asleep at the wheel and run them into a barrier on the 102 never drove again and retired.

Geoffry does not know who sends him the articles. The arrive, mostly typed on manual typewriters, at the small brick building where his printing press is. The press set up is all managed by acid-etched plates and the 10,000 weekly copies are done entirely by Geoffry, though he uses bike messengers and volunteers to get them to their locations. Every Friday, there is a bundle of The Wellstone Prophet available for a $1.00 to those who know where to find them.