HP: 3d8
Num: 1-6
Spd: 7 (climb 6)
Dam: 1d8
Def: 6
Soak: 8
CL: 4

Leggy beasts as at home when climbing splayed-limbed through the confines of a dark cavern system as much as they are eeling through forest or racing across the plains, lennuak travel in small packs — and are all the more dangerous the greater their numbers are. Superficially a lennuak resembles a cheetah or greyhound, with long graceful legs and a body long in the spine and compact in the barrel, but the details of the beast immediately put the comparison to rest: a lennuak’s wedge-shaped head, with no discernable mouth, perches at the end of a long muscular neck counterbalanced by a whip-like tail tipped with a softly glowing “jewel”. From the lennuak’s shoulders unfold a pair of long and tapered growths lined with tiny points of light – despite the appearance of wings, these vanes are not for flight but instead for disrupting its prey’s energies.

In combat lennuak swarm whenever possible, each beast striking with their compact claws and tail jewels for a total damage output of 1d8 per attack. Their most insidious offensive ability is their drainwave — the life-disrupting “vibrations” which lennuak project from their shoulder vanes. For each round a lennuak projects a drainwave at a victim, that victim is at a -1 penalty for all actions – and not only is this effect cumulative over successive rounds, but also by the number of lennuak draining the subject at once.