Zombacalypse released in Print!

The incredibly popular PDF is now available in print from the world’s largest PDF sales sites, DriveThru RPG, and RPG Now! This is in addition to our sales point at our Store, but with the added ease and capabilities at DriveThru RPG and RPG Now, you can purchase the print version bundled with the PDF version at absolutely no extra cost! Both formats cost you just $19.99 (US) and it can be shipped anywhere in the world due to the international printing locations that our printer utilizes!

This is for the Æther version of the book, and the Savage Worlds version will be coming out soon!

If you’ve bought the PDF and want the same shopping ease and security that you’re used to from your favorite PDF sales points, don’t hesitate in getting the book today!

Get it from DriveThru RPG:

Get it from RPG Now: