HP: 10D6
Num: 1-2
Spd: 9
Dmg: 2d10
Def: 15
Soak: 10
CL: 11

An abomination by any definition of the word, the narakhaj has the form of a melding of mammoth centipede and serpentine dragon. Its multitude of jointed legs are tipped with reptilian talons, and its neck — made up of ribbed and spiked segments identical to its rippling body and lashing tail — terminates in a draconic head crowned with dozens of horns and lashing antennae, its jaws unfolding into a fang-lined maw. The wings of only half of the narakhaj population are present, filmy and insectile; and very rarely are they actually functional.

Narakhaj are vicious but not terribly patient nor cunning creatures and will attack any likely targets. A narakhaj does not fight with jaws or — directly — its claws, instead coiling around a victim and crushing it with its limbs and armoured plating for 2d20 hit points of damage. One in four narakhaj, perhaps having a stronger taint of the draconic in their blood, possess the ability to spew caustic venom to a range of 100′, inflicting 5d10 hit points of damage to any caught in the 5′ wide stream. This “venomous breath” may only be used twice a day.