August 2011

Spirit: Vorun

HP:  3d8-4 Num:  1 Spd:  6 (flying) Dam:  1d8 Def:   2 Soak:  9 CL:  5 Unliving spectres of vengeance and blight, vorun exist only to exact revenge on the living.  The reasoning may vary — justice served to the ender of the vorun’s mortal life, a broken oath or an unending rage at the moment …

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Slime: Jeekan

HP:  1d8 Num:  2d6 Spd:  4 (flying) Dam:  1d4 Def:   8 Soak:  6 CL:  1 Jeekan are amorphous, inexplicable creatures, perhaps the aftereffects of some horrible magical cataclysm; the gelatinous beasts resemble nothing so much as two to five quivering pinkish-violet globes the size of a large egg, embedded in a bloated reddish mass resembling …

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