Spirit: Vorun

HP:  3d8-4
Num:  1
Spd:  6 (flying)
Dam:  1d8
Def:   2
Soak:  9
CL:  5

Unliving spectres of vengeance and blight, vorun exist only to exact revenge on the living.  The reasoning may vary — justice served to the ender of the vorun’s mortal life, a broken oath or an unending rage at the moment of death, or most any other strong and hate- or violence-tainted emotional state — but the effects remain the same: the vorun seeks to possess a new living vessel with which to carry out its will.  When not in control of a vessel, a vorun is invisible in the light save perhaps for a slight, chill breeze; in darkness, it is revealed as a phosphorecently red swirling mass spangled with countless burning eyes.  An individual possessed by a vorun may be identified (by those with the knowledge) by the distinctly red tint to their eyes when the light strikes just so.

In pressing circumstances — or in order to subdue a prospective vessel — a vorun will concentrate its vapour and strike at a target, causing a burning chill as if one’s soul were trod on and 1d8 hit points of damage.  It by far prefers to simply possess its victim if at all possible, enevloping with a writhing mass of vapourous “tentacles” and attempting to flow into every orifice; if the victim fails their save, at a -2 penalty, the vorun takes control.

Once possessing a victim a vorun is vulnerable only to consecrated objects (which must be ingested by the vessel to affect the vorun) and magic which may directly target it, as well as the death of the vessel (which merely releases the vorun).  Without a vessel a vorun is immune to physical attacks, taking damage only from magical sources.