The Steeple

The Steeple, located in The Parish, is an underground race track that is, quite literally, underground. Taking advantage of the natural caverns of the island, the Steeple sits 30 feet below the 9-hole, very exclusive Yard golf course. During Prohibition, the Steeple existed, but it was unrefined and used as both a liquor repository by the Grant family while they stored it for the budding Italian mobs. After Prohibition ended, the repository was no longer needed, and it was converted into a dog track. It still exists and serves that purpose, and only the upper crust of the upper crust are admitted; which in Wellstone, means that it is a gathering place for the syndicate elites and politicians. The track is illegal, but with all of the money being thrown around and all of the political players that attend, the police either won’t try to touch it or are bribed to stay away.

The entrance to the Steeple is unknown, and those who find it usually end up in a dumpster fire for their efforts. Only the most trusted aquaintences and allies of the rich who attend the Steeple are allowed to accompany the upper eschelons of society. It is an unofficial neutral zone of the city, though violence in particularly trying times is not unheard of. Everyone who is there is armed, most people are wearing Lexington Suits, and everyone has body guards. The politeness of the venue hinges on the same ideals of the Cold War: mutually assured destruction.

For those who want to gain entrance, they must be introduced by someone major, and they must expect to place a bet of at least $100,000. It’s chump-change for the elite, it could be the life-savings of a player from the streets. Anything less is an insult to the Steeple and to those who frequent it, and insults of that magnitude are never taken lightly in Wellstone City.