The Nigerian Crime Syndicate

Nigerians in Wellstone come in three basic forms: the good people trying to make it in America, the bad people who are trying to make a buck the hard way, and the ugly who are ruthlessly cutting out a swath of the criminal landscape by AK-47 and machete. The first group is widely accepted, the second one, only marginally so, and the third group is a serious threat to everyone in their way, including other crime syndicates. When they came across to America, they quickly took to their old ways, and their ruthlessness is comparable only to the most violent of drug cartels.

Nigerians don’t take on freelancers, prisoners, or ransoms. They are violent to the extreme, and anything in their way gets taken out. They trade in drugs, people, and guns. The organization of the Nigerians has yet to be determined, but it is thought that there is a shadowy king-pin at work behind the scenes, and judging from courier traffic, this king-pin is in Little Haiti. Most of the Nigerian targets seem to be centered in the Warrens, and it is unknown if they are simply preying on the easy targets or it they are trying to muscle in on some territory.

Running their operations is bringing in tons of cash, and those who try to climb the ladder to quickly make themselves targets for law-enforcement. The syndicate has no qualms with letting the cops thin their herd; it saves them the trouble of removing the weakest links, and it seems to be strengthening those who can learn from their lessons. It’s been called the Darwinism of the Criminal Syndicate. The Nigerians don’t have a lot of internal loyalty, they follow the cash and the cause, but they don’t bail their members out of jail, and they don’t hire good defense attourneys. That’s the way they have adopted in Wellstone: get smart and keep your head down, and if you get caught, shut your mouth. They are linked with the gangs in the prison system just well enough that snitches get burned down, and burned bad.