It’s all about the Fans!

We are hedging closer to a big announcement in May that will give our most faithful fans an amazing opportunity! We’ll have a special announcement on that on May 1st, and only our fans will qualify for it, so like us on Facebook before then!

We’ve got a pretty good line up of releases coming, for Savage Worlds, Æther, and Ingenium, and some that are for all three at the same time! We’ll have a freebie for the Diabolical Traps line this Friday, and it’s a fun one! Keep your eye open for that one in a few days. We have a few things that we’re kicking around behind the scenes to make things better and easier for all of you, and to give you a better behind-the-scenes peek here at Silver Gryphon Games. We’ll have more announcements regarding that in the very near future as well!

The fans have spoken! We’ve always had two ideas here at Silver Gryphon: Make the games that people want to play, and listen to the fans. We think we’ve done a pretty good job at both of those, and the fans have asked for more Horror adventures. In response, we’ve tapped our resident Horror writer, Dave Baymiller, to step up his release schedule and Dave has doubled his efforts to deliver! We’re expecting to give you some news on that in May and get you some more of what you crave over the next coming weeks and months.

Keep with us, fans, and keep those comments and emails coming!