Behind the Scenes

The hits just keep on coming here at Silver Gryphon Games! We just ended our annual “We Don’t Hate our Customers” Sale and we really owe a huge thanks to each of our customers who gave us business last month. We cut our prices to the bone in gratitude for all of you supporting us so that we can do what we love to do: put out some of the best adventures, settings, systems, and supplements in the hobby today. So, from all of us here at Silver Gryphon, we thank you, and we can’t wait to get back to April 1st of 2013 and do it all again!

We’ve been busy bees at Silver Gryphon this last month, a trend we plan on continuing. Dave is busily finishing some adventures he’s had in the pike for a while; one of which turned into a 30 page monster from what was supposed to be a 6 page quick pick-up game. We’ll get those out to you as soon as we can! Ben is putting the finishing touches on the layout for Ranch Raid, the 5th Wellstone City Chronicle, while Kevin is putting the finishing touches on writing A Thule and His Money, which is next up to be released after Ranch Raid. We’d been quiet for so long that we’re trying to get as much out as we can without overwhelming you or running ourselves out of steam.

We also have a very special offer going on, and it’s only going on through the 18th of this month. This excellent opportunity is first being offered to our Facebook Fans, and Monday of next week (May 7th) it will be open to the general public. Want to know more? Check out our Facebook Page and see what a huge percentage of our friends and fans on Facebook are already talking about!

In the mean time, kick back, relax, and don’t forget to browse what we have to offer at the store and hit our forum so we can get to know you better!