In honor of Talk like a Pirate Day, we present a special web-release of a new Pirate profession for Ingenium 2 (which, coincidentally also works with the current version of Ingenium)!

Where bandit lords terrorize the roads, pirates raid on the high seas. Owing to the rough nature of crewing a ship and living at sea for days, weeks, or even months on end, pirates tend to be tougher, smarter, and more skilled than their highwayman brethren. They operate mostly along the coastlines, catching solitary merchant ships when they can, and attacking ships with escorts when they have to. The bolder pirate lords, those that control small fleets, will even attack heavily guarded convoys if the loot is worth the risk.

A pirate’s life is hard, short, and brutal. To make up for it, they tend to spend the time not spent in robbing ships by drinking, carousing, and brawling, enjoying themselves as much as possible before their next outing.

Starting Talent Pool: Force
Attribute Bonus: +1 Endurance
Hit Dice: d10

In addition to that, we have some adventures going to the editor! One is for Halloween, and the other will be released during Aethercon. We have a TON more stuff that’s coming up shortly, and it should be an excellent winter for releases!