Wellstone City Wednesday – Salvation’s Soldiers

Salvation’s Soldiers

This group, made up almost entirely of veterans from within Wellstone City, is a charity organization that picks up many causes throughout Wellstone, but takes a special interest in the homeless and the victims of domestic abuse. They are mostly well known for two events: a bike ride for Memorial Day at the end of May, and their work during the holidays. Starting on the day after Thanksgiving, these volunteers are on the corner of every major street intersection (in the safer parts of town) and at every shopping mall, ringing their bells and asking for donations.

Unlike some of the other similar organizations, none of the staff of Salvation’s Soldiers are paid. One hundred percent of the donations go to helping various shelters or for soup kitchens or other special needs groups. Very little of the contributions go to things like overhead, but the group does have a few expenses, such as uniforms, advertising, and supplies for donation collection.

One of the few charity organizations in town that the syndicates won’t touch, Salvation’ Soldiers even get a fairly wide avenue of operation from the smaller criminal elements. They are one of the most iconic groups in the city, and that is mostly due to the fact that they started in Wellstone City and they stayed in Wellstone City.