Technology and Silver Gryphon

Normally at this time of the week, I’d be writing a post about Summerfort and sharing it with you. However, recent events bear a bit of explaining, so instead I’ll be writing about that. If you were excited to hear more news about Summerfort, don’t worry, there’s a tidbit of news about that hidden in this post!

You may have heard Kevin mention that we’ve been having computer troubles. That is a bit of an understatement – I’ve had to rebuild my own computer no less than three times in the past week after various components failed in sequence. I still don’t have Adobe Creative Suite reinstalled yet, and while I’ve restored most of my files (thanks SkyDrive!), I’m missing a few key things. One of those is three pieces of artwork for A Darkness at Summerfort; I’m trying to track those down now.

Kevin’s laptop died, so he also has been brought to a grinding halt on the layout front. Neither of us has a working copy of Adobe installed. Thankfully, we’re both still able to do most of the other things associated with production, including writing and playtesting.

On the website side of things, Silver Gryphon is in a bit of a mess. We’re planning a move from the Jigoshop WordPress plugin to a dedicated ecommerce platform to alleviate a bunch of the problems we’ve been seeing lately on the back end of things.

Our forum link, which used to be a self-hosted phpBB installation, now goes to our Google+ Community. If you haven’t been there yet, you should really check it out – we post things on G+ that we don’t post anywhere else.

I’m working on a new look for the Silver Gryphon website that will make it easier to navigate. That should be live by the end of March, if all goes as planned. Here’s hoping we don’t have another massive equipment failure.