Introducing Fortress Fairling

Summerfort Sunday

Fortress Fairling is two days’ ride northwest of Summerfort. Like Summerfort, it was once a simple border outpost. Unlike Summerfort, it became a staging area for military campaigns into Redami.

As the war between Rekellia and Redami started to cool off, fewer and fewer missives and soldiers came through Fairling. Now, while still well-equipped, the fortress has remained aloof from the rest of Rekellia and out of touch with its remote commanders. As a result, these Rekellians remain unaware that the war with Redami ended six months ago.

Last year, a number of Redami spies and saboteurs attempted to disrupt the operations of the fortress. The commander of the fortress, Knight-Captain Argyle, has greatly improved the security of the fortress since then. He is ruthless in interrogating anyone caught travelling within a mile of Fairling that doesn’t have proper authorization from the crown.

The player characters in Dawn at Fortress Fairling had the misfortune to be captured by one of Argyle’s patrols.

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