Wellstone City Wednesday – Hearts of Gold

wellstone city wed

Life is hard in Wellstone City, even for the normal, average people. For the Freelancers, cops, and criminals, it’s even harder because everyone is trying to get everyone else so they can climb another rung in their social/employment ladder. Being a good guy is a tough act to keep up. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.

The Wellstone City Chronicles are written with a certain level of violence that assumes the PCs are going to be doing violent things. Some parties do things more violently than others, but the result is usually about the same. Guns are involved, usually a fire or two, and damage is done on a scale that would send most cities into a blind panic to figure out who is committing all of these heinous crimes.

But, it is possible to go through the Chronicles as a good guy, doing what’s right, and in theory, never firing a shot from a gun once. All of the situations are disarmed outside of combat, and if things get dicey, maybe some back up or the police are called. Many of the details for the jobs the PCs are given (the adventures) are vague in the details. Who is to say that doesn’t mean the PCs can’t be dealing with problems in a much less blood-soaked way that is still as finalized and closed as a bullet to the head and a molotov cocktail?