I’m going on an adventure… with my new friend Sarah!


Today, I’d like to introduce you to Sarah Ann Dane. Sarah is a character I created during the Beautiful Brains chat (held on Thursdays at 9pm EST) a couple weeks ago with a lot of patient help! I really had a great time, everyone was very excited to help and teach me about the basics and then character creation. We had so much so that our 1 hour chat turned into a fun 2 hour event!

We decided to create my character using the Savage Worlds system, for a modern, horror setting. She’s a 30 year old brunette, not too tall, about 5’4 and she has a few things that I wish I had! Like a trust fund and some magic. She comes from a family that can trace their roots back to her great (x7) grandmother who was tried and hanged as a witch in the Salem witch trials.

Sarah moved to NYC from Boston after college and has been pretty successful so far, although if sales aren’t great, she doesn’t really have to worry about the money. Sarah owns a little shop on E 61st St. near Third that many overlook, but The Best Seller Cellar is a store often frequented by those with a love of books and wine. Her shop is eclectic and filled with many things but of note are wines from her family’s vineyard and the books have a leaning towards the occult.

Her magical abilities are probably passed down through family lines although she’s pretty new at actually doing anything with them. She’s recently discovered that she can call on the skills of literary characters and has been having some fun with that.

As you can see, I have a lot of ideas in my head for her, I received some great hints, tips and suggestions from those who joined the chat (Special thanks to Jodi and Clint Black!) and I had a great time. I didn’t plan on making a character that night so I didn’t have any books handy, and there were a few things I forgot to ask but I think I’ve got it! I can see how making characters could be very addicting and a fun way to spend the evening all in itself. Sarah is pretty complete but I still have some blank spaces on my character sheet… I think she needs to go on an adventure with me, don’t you?

Character Sheet-Sarah