Rock and Role – Holiday Gaming

For a lot of gamers, long holiday weekends mean an extra day of gaming or at least the chance for extra hours of gaming. This weekend is Labor Day weekend here in the United States, which means a vast majority of workers have a federal holiday today. While that doesn’t necessarily hold true for us at Silver Gryphon, we’re wondering for those of you it does hold true for, what are your plans?

What role-playing are you doing this weekend? Do you have any holiday-themed gaming that you do to commemorate the passing of summer into fall? Do you have a special game that you only run because it’s a gathering of family and or friends?

We really want to hear back from you on this one! In the mean time, we encourage you to do what we’re doing: kicking back with a beverage of choice, probably grilling, and just enjoying the day off (as soon as we’re done writing, updating projects, and planning our next two conventions).

In the meantime, why not hit our Newsletter, catch up with us on Facebook, find us on Twitter @sggames, and take a few seconds to sign up for our Birthday Adventure. Happy Labor Day, everyone!