Random Setting of the Week!

Setting Elements: Victorian Age, Stone Age Tech, Heroic, Low Fantasy

Magic was discovered back before Roman times, when the Egyptians and the Etruscans were founding their dynasties and empires. It was found that magic could be made to work more reliably than technology, and the result was that those who had magic became very wealthy, and those who did not became the dregs of society. Large bands of families clumped together in clans and tribes, losing the Bronze Age technology that they had for the most part; the parts they kept became relics of a lost time and items as simple as bronze swords are closely guarded family treasures that have sparked wars.

Inside the cities, magic rules. Everyday technology has been completely replaced by magic. If the thin veneer of magic and civilization were to be flensed from the cities, they would be no better than the scrabbling masses outside their walls. Food is grown with magic, homes are heated with magic, materials are created with magic, and battles are fought with magic. None of the Æthermantic energies are strong, but they are plentiful. The magocracy that runs many of the great empires and kingdoms sees that it stays firmly in power through threats, fear, and maintenance of the status quo.

There are those in the city who are unhappy with the status quo. There are those who feel the Primitives outside the cities have been there long enough and need to be purged. There are those who feel that the mages have been in power long enough. The Primitives find themselves thinking the same things but from a different angle. Why must they be forced to not use magic? Why must they be forced to live outside the comfort of the cities? Why is it that the Aristocrats get to make all of the decisions that affect the world?

War is coming! Choose your side and prepare! Now is the time for heroes to step forward and change the world forever!

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