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Byzantine, Tech of the Time, Dark, Mystery

When there is war, there is oppression and money to be made. That corruption is costing lives in your city, Kherson. A little vigilante justice is needed to find out who is pulling the strings.

During the Byzantine era, Kherson, or Chersonesos, was a city of great importance. After it was liberated from the Huns and back under the control of the Eastern Empire, it was used as a watch post for further barbarian incursions. Its placement on the Crimean Peninusla in the Black Sea also made it an important trade port. All of this trade and defense made an ideal location for corruption to take seed and the PCs feel the need to oust these greedy foreigners that are at the heart of the matter. Many people in Kherson are upset but most do nothing and are frustrated in their silence.

All citizens of Kherson take an oath to the city and its government, and have since the 3rd century BC. The city was founded in the 6th century BC, making it nearly as old as Rome itself. There is a long and standing tradition of each citizen being loyal to the city, but there are those who are not; those who abuse that loyalty and trade on the name of the city to line their own pockets.

The time has come for that to stop. It will be dangerous. Corruption could go all the way to the top of the government, and even beyond. Anyone fighting will have to find a way to strike fear into the hearts of their targets. Any vigilantes must be able to gather information during the day and hit targets in the darkness. They must own the night and take the fight to those who are rotting the core of Kherson, and they must not be afraid to hit any target, whether it is a low-level thug, a soldier, or a politician.

There will be justice in Kherson; the kind of justice that the courts just can’t handle.

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