Year of the Gamer – Something for the Ladies

We are interrupting our regular Wellstone City Wednesday post for something really important. As you’re well aware by now, Silver Gryphon Games is helping you celebrate the Year of the Gamer with t-shirts to show off your geek pride! Well, we are releasing a little something for the ladies today with a tastefully cut women’s t-shirt. Check it out!

Year of the Gamer pre-order shirt - ladies - gray on black

That brings us up to three options through our store and through Custom Ink. This latest edition is a Hanes Her Way shirt with the same high quality printing that all of Custom Ink’s shirts enjoy. Just like the others, we are doing the pre-order through Custom Ink and you will have to sign up there and then head on back to our store to actually pay for it. Links are provided below!

Custom Ink

Silver Gryphon Store

Don’t forget about the official Year of the Gamer Pinterest board where you can show off your geek pride with some pictures to share with the whole world! Fly that geek flag high and help us celebrate all things gaming, whether it’s Table Top RPGs, CCGs, MMORPGs, board games, card games, or video games!

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