Wellstone City Wednesday – The Last Gasps

We are in the last gasps of a sale for GM’s Week at DriveThru RPG. Because we had so many people hitting our products, we actually broke a sales record! Today we just want to remind you about that…that you can get 30% off the paperback of Wellstone City for Savage Worlds. You can also get 30% off the paperback for the Æther version of the setting which is bundled in with the Æther Core.

Now, you can get the physical copies of the Æther versions of the Wellstone City Chronicles as well! Burning Crosses, A Death Undeserving, Schrodinger’s Box, The Ranch Raid, and Breaking Murphy are all available as physical prints, and if you get them right now, you can get them for $7.00 (USD) each. You can get the entire Wellstone City line for Æther for $52.50 in paperback, plus shipping, of course, AND you get the PDFs of the Æther Core with Wellstone and an adventure, plus the other five adventures.

But you have to act fast!

Ordinarly the adventures are $10 each for the paperback and PDF, so for the last few days of the GM’s Week Sale, the sale makes it very close to getting the Æther Core for free! If you haven’t played Wellstone City in Æther yet, you should! See Wellstone in its native system! Watch your group’s attitude change when they realize that guns do a realistic amount of damage instead of just shrugging it off. Experience the simple beauty of the skill-driven system that is Æther and how it plays of in modern games!

But you have to get it quick! This sale wraps up in just a few days and it’s one of our biggest sales of the year!