Today is Ingenium Day!

Tonight at 5:00 PM Central time (GMT-5), the Ingenium Second Edition Kickstarter goes live!

We’re very excited about this project. I personally have invested over a decade of my life into the development and playing of the Ingenium game, and it’s very near and dear to me. Now I get to share the evolved form of it with you!

As soon as the Kickstarter goes live, I’ll be available on Google+, Reddit, and Twitter to answer questions and gush about my favorite RPG of all time.

This weekend, I’ll be doing some demonstrations of how the new game mechanics work and how to get into the game. Watch the Google+ Community for Silver Gryphon Games for details.

Tell your friends, your kids, your mom, your dog, and anyone else you think would love fantasy adventure! We have some amazing stretching goals in mind, and most of them will remain hidden until we break through the current stretch goals. We need your help to make Ingenium Second Edition a reality, so spread the word!

Pledge to the Kickstarter here!

Stay tuned, and keep those dice handy!