Wellstone City Wednesday – The Wasp

Recently a series of high-profile crimes have been done in Wellstone City, obviously by a Freelancer, but no one can figure out who the Freelancer is or what syndicate is ordering the jobs. The target is almost always jewels, and they are all in extremely high security, high visibility locations.

The Wellstone City Chronicle has taken to calling the thief “The Wasp” because the hits are without provocation and they take only the owners’ most prized jewels. Not only that, but the thief, just to add a little more pain to the sting, leaves bad copies of worthless costume gems in the place of the real gems and jewelry.

The police have very little to go on. There are never finger prints at the scene, nothing ever shows up on camera, no alarms are ever tripped. There is no pattern to the hits and none of the gems have been filtering through jewel fences in the US or in Europe.

What they police don’t know is that The Wasp is a 15-year-old girl named Jasmin DeCuir. She comes from an upper middle class family and steals because she just likes to steal. She never sells the gems, she just keeps them and replaces her own costume jewelry with them. She’s only been working for 4 years, but this girl is a natural; she has no intention of getting caught and she never tells her friends what she’s up to.

Why the party suddenly has an interest in The Wasp is up the GM. Finding out any information about Jasmin is going to be nearly impossible; finding out who she is and where the gems are will be substantially more difficult than that.

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