Creative Challenge Day 12!

Whoops! We missed a day. That means that today counts as double points! Things seem to work better in twos anyway; two hands, two feet, two thumbs, two eyes…certain things were just designed to be done in pairs. When one of those pairs is disturbed, it can mean major life changes, even if it’s just on a temporary basis. Lose an eye, and you lose depth perception. Lose a hand and playing baseball or softball becomes dramatically harder. Lose a foot and your soccer carrier may be over. Lose a thumb and good luck playing video games. None of those things are insurmountable challenges, but even people living with such challenges will tell you that at times, life can be very, very difficult.

Loss motivates. It motivates people to change themselves, it acts as a well-spring for drawing creativity from, it can crush us down to nothing or show the support of our fellow human beings in ways we couldn’t imagine. Loss isn’t the biggest motivator for us creatively, but it can be one of the deepest, emotionally.

Let us know what else you draw from, let us know what other emotion or emotional situation lets you tap the raw creative nerve that you use to drive your work. You’re already baring your soul when you share your work, but tell us what armor protects that emotional core and what cuts to it the quickest.