Creativity Challenge Day 21!

We’re at three weeks in! If you’ve managed mast of the days so far, you’re doing an excellent job! With record cold and record heat romping all across the United States (in the same week), let’s take a look at environmental stress in our creative endeavors. How often does it come into play? Many times we gloss over things we don’t like in our work; we like to pretend it doesn’t exist because they are usually points of stress, not points of artistic inspiration.

For today, let’s look at how environment shapes things. We use more energy and more resources combating the environment than almost any other activity other than eating. Insulation, air conditioning, furnaces…we do everything we can to stay out of the weather to be more comfortable as a species. Today, turn that on its head. Draw the heat, write about the cold, do what you do when complaining about environmental extremes, but do it creatively!