Creativity Challenge, Day 24!

Alien environments and weather have already been talked about during this creativity challenge, but something that hasn’t been hit yet is extraordinarly sized perspectives on what would be a standard environment. Take your living space…it’s probably fairly comfortable, equipped with everything that’s around you right now. You know the space well enough to navigate it in the dark and you know where things are without having to look for them (generally speaking).

But, what if you were an inch tall? How would that change your perspective on things? What if you were 10 feet tall, how would you navigate? How would the space have to change, or how would you have to adapt to the space? There are a lot of explorations in this aspect, movies such as Epic and The Borrowers are good examples, as are some Saturday morning cartoons such as The Littles. Dozens of books have been written from the perspective of under and over sized people in a standard house or apartment, but when was the last time you took a good look at stretching your creative focus that way?