Happy Friday!

There’s been a lot going on with us lately! Kevin is coming out of his writing slump as his gaming store is starting to normalize, and he’s already churning out some content. We’re prepping to go to Genghis Con put on by the Denver Gamers Association, and we’re excited for that! It does violate our prohibition on travel during January and February, but for this one, we feel it’s worth it! It’s put on by the same group that put on TactiCon in the fall, and we had an amazing time out there and decided we’re going back!

We’ve got some freebies lined up on deck that are just waiting for some art. We’ve got some progress on the art for Æthermancy which is now very overdue. Kevin is working on a few other things as well, and you can expect us to resume our normal release schedule very soon!

For the time being, we invite you to check out Drive Thru RPG’s Walking Dead sale. They’re taking several of their most popular titles and taking 20% off the price, but only until February 9th! We are pleased to say that we have several titles available on the list! Hit the link and see what you can find!