Æthursday – Random Setting!

Today we have another one from Allen Thiele! He has spun up a Classic Supernatural Hellenism setting, featuring the technology of the time!

The Gods meddle in the affairs of men. They start wars over petty arguments, decimate cities on a whim, and demand tribute to be paid to them in the blood of heretics. They bestow favors on their favorites, and revoke them in spiteful tantrums when mortals dare to question their motives. They are malevolent, powerful beings, ever present in the lives of the men and women who worship them.

They are not without mercy, however. As cruel as they appear to be at times, they allow most mortals to live their lives as they will. And those who are ambitious enough, steadfast enough, or beautiful enough to not catch the ire of a God may find they have caught their desire, instead. To those who can court the Gods, heroes are born. More than mere mortals. Leaders of men, with extraordinary prowess. Leaders of armies. Rulers of states. Adventurers whom inspire song and story to be written. Demigods who walk among us as protectors.

Now others walk among us. The dead have been seen in the countryside. Spirits wandering where they once tread as flesh and bone. Long forgotten mothers searching for their children. Warriors pacing battlefields turned to fields of crops. Although they have not harmed anyone yet, sightings have become more frequent, and in larger numbers. And now the recently deceased have been rising from their graves as well.

The world is not at ease. Rumors from all corners of the world can be heard. Speculation that the Gods have abandoned the realm of men. Worries said in hushed tones that the Gods were punishing all of humanity for some infraction. Some people call it the beginning of the end. Some praise it as the Gods stopping their meddling ways.

The Oracles seek answers from the Gods of death, but remain silent. The priests perform more sacrifices in hopes that their Gods will hear them. Parties have been sent to the edges of the map to commune with the Gods and find out why. One lone soldier has returned, and the news he brought is dire.

He says his squadron was sent to the Underworld directly. The closer they came to the river Styx, the more spirits and dead they encountered. The closer they came, the more hostile the spirits became. They slaughtered everyone. The soldiers pressed on, determined to glean whatever answers they could for mankind’s sake. With dwindling numbers, they nearly made it to the banks of the river; their fallen brethren being recruited for the other side to fight again. The dead were packed against each other on the banks, waiting to cross. They called for someone. Someone who isn’t there.

Charon, the Ferryman, is missing.

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