Wellstone City Update – New Exhibit

Renowned archeologist, Dr. Manon Castillo, has brought her traveling exhibit of artifacts from the middle and late bronze ages to Wellstone City! Collected from the early Chinese dynasties, early Egyptian dynasties, the Americas, Greeks, Etruscans, early Romans, Scythians, and other lesser known people, the exhibit is known for “Out of Place Artifacts.” It includes Roman helmets found in Mongolia, hundreds of miles past the city of Li’jin, an iron sword from Sparta that includes an inscription that references “Leukoulé,” a city that translates into “White Scar,” which is a city that has never been referenced in other locations.

The exhibit will only be at the Museum through the middle of August, so they encourage you to see it quickly, especially the crown jewel of Dr. Castillo’s collection, a jewelry box made of Guatemalan purple jade that came from an Egyptian tomb. The box itself is rumored to be in the millions of dollars for cost, but the archeological significance is considered to be priceless.

Security is high at the museum; Blackhand is on-site as normal, but they have increased staff to provide Dr. Castillo’s collection with the security she recommends. A few Freelancers have also been brought in to help with extra concerns. Not all of the positions have been filled, and Castillo’s tensions are running high over the collection, especially with the violence that Wellstone City is known for.

Needless to say, opportunities abound either working for the Museum…or against it.