Wellstone City Update – Freelancers

As the situation in Wellstone City degrades in the absence of organized crime, the police are unable to control the situation. It is even becoming untenable for the organized crime syndicates to deal with and they have moved into a more protective posture around the tourist areas. Business that they once extracted protection money from, they now simply protect.

The local criminal elements; street gangs, thugs, and hoods, are starting to unbalance each other as they gain power. Some neighborhoods have banded together around local heroes and do-gooders, some have been taken over by thugs and their gangs.

War is coming to Wellstone City. The crime syndicates will try to keep it under wraps and out of the papers, but they can only do so much in the age of internet reporting and social media. Anyone that can defuse these issues can be authorized as a Freelancer with the city; a Bounty Hunter but with a greater area of influence and who is able to skirt around the law in some situations.

At this point, the Freelancer Licensing Act of 2015 seems to be a sure thing.