Wellstone City Wednesday – The Parson

With the criminal infrastructure of Wellstone City showing early signs of stressing to the point of fracturing, gangs aren’t the only problem the city has right now. Individuals are making power grabs and are using the distracted and over-worked police force to commit crimes. One such individual is the Parson.

Operating almost exclusively in the Parish, strikingly little is known about the Parson. It is assumed that the Parson is male, though no description has ever been given. The killer’s victims, and there are 11 so far, have been mostly female; 10 out of the 11 have been females with no discernible pattern as to other demographics. What is becoming obvious though is that the killer is going out of his way to keep the victim demographics as close to the actual demographics for race and age as Wellstone itself.

The police are keeping as much of the details out of the news as they can, but with social media and the ever-present cell phone camera, it’s been tough. What is most frightening to the police is that the Parson seems to be aware of this as well.

This game of cat-and-mouse has been going on for over two months now. The only linking factor is that all of the victims usually have a phrase written on their chests in black sharpie. “I’m sorry,” “I had to,” “It was time,” “I won’t stop,” and “More to come,” are all used, in a seemingly repeating pattern. Police expect to find at least four more bodies to round out the pattern, but they have no idea if it will stop then or not.

So far, Freelancers are not called in to work with violent and serial crimes, but if there are too many more individuals like the Parson that pop up, they may have little choice but to do exactly that.