Ingenium returns

Over two years ago, we ran a Kickstarter for the second edition of Ingenium. Despite clearing over six thousand dollars, it failed to meet its funding goal. We discussed options. In the end, we went for the nuclear option: to completely drop the Ingenium product line.
Shortly after that, I left Silver Gryphon Games. I stopped playing role-playing games for over a year. In late 2015, something happened that gave me a fresh start on life. As a result, I started looking at things I hadn’t touched in awhile. Role-playing games came back into my life. I began reading through the Ingenium Second Edition manuscript again. Midway through 2016, I rejoined Silver Gryphon Games.
It was inevitable at that point that I would be writing this post. Ingenium Second Edition is happening.

Much work remains. The Second Edition rules are missing some key opportunities. Poisons and bardic music seem like afterthoughts. That’s changing. Both are getting the “Three Word” treatment to make them interesting systems. We need to design a new character sheet. The so-called “iconic” characters are being moved into an appendix. We’re working on including a basic adventure to get new players started.
There’s also the original problem of art. Monster art is sparse. There are no maps other than the one of Summerfort. Yet, we’re anxious to get the book out into the world, so we’ll get the important pieces done, and then publish it.
We decided not to do another Kickstarter for Ingenium. We didn’t want to run a Kickstarter while another one was still incomplete. Kevin is still focused on Æthermancy, and I’m taking the Ingenium ball and running with it.
Expect to see much more visibility for the Ingenium system in 2017.