2023 Retrospective and 2024 Plans

Last year was the first full year of operation since our reincorporation in 2022. Though we didn’t make as much progress as we intended, we still had a few releases, and we’re nearing the finish line on our most important release.

We opened last year talking about some of the changes to Aether in the upcoming second edition. Following the OGL crisis, we also announced that Ingenium’s second edition. The playtest edition of Aether second edition was released in February, and the playtest edition of Ingenium second edition came out in June. After that, our focus shifted to collecting feedback and making tweaks to both games. Kevin began adding an adventure to Aethermancy, which necessitated pushing its release to 2024.

We have been intentionally pretty quiet as we work to get Aether second edition, Aethermancy, and Ingenium second edition all ready for full release. Before the company shut down in 2019, we had been primarily a Savage Worlds licensee. Aether and Ingenium were secondary product lines to that. The new iteration of the company that incorporated in 2022 is focused entirely on our in-house systems. While we still offer some Savage Worlds products for sale in our DriveThruRPG store, we have no plans to release new products for that system.

Our release schedule for 2024 has Aethermancy coming out in the first half of this year. Aether Second Edition will follow shortly after that. Ingenium Second Edition will be our final release this year, and should release sometime in the late third or fourth quarter.

In addition to our releases, we have several books that we’re working on. We’re not ready to talk about them just yet, but they’ll expand the options available to Aether and Ingenium players. Aether, in particular, has some awesome new books in the works, including new entries in existing series.

We will post more frequently in 2024 than in 2023 as we ramp up for our releases. Thanks for reading, and see you soon!