The Daily Digest

We’re making constant improvements to the content of the site, but we don’t always post what has been improved. We’ll be more diligent and hopefully you’ll be less frustrated going forward.

We are leaving the comments active for our products section entries so that you can leave quick feedback blurbs instead of writing an in-depth review of something of ours you downloaded or purchased. Go ahead and take advantage of it, let us know if we are full of awesome and win or if we have failed you for the last time. Either way, we don’t get better playing to an empty concert hall.

Today’s Updates:
Kevin has added a slug of borough information to Wellstone City. He’s working hard to keep everything up-to-date, with new locations being added from the Wellstone City Chronicles adventures and from Silver Gryphon Monthly.

If you have a Wellstone City location in mind or have used one in your own adventures, send it to us, tell us about it, and we’ll put it in if we like it: that’s how the city was designed, and that’s how it grows.