Zombacalypse has been unleashed!

Silver Gryphon Games is proud to announce that our much-awaited zombie supplement book has been released. This 93 page PDF contains all the information you need to incorporate the walking dead into your campaigns, whether you use the Æther Gaming System or if you have another system that you prefer to use. Included is information on zombies included their origins, how to fight them, how to survive them, and how to create them. Eleven zombie profiles are included as well, and these example zombies are but a tiny cross section of the millions of zombie combinations that are able to be created with this book. Represented are a wide gamut of the rotting undead from zombie babies and zombie animals, and from the easy to kill, easy to run from Shamblers to the undead assassins known only as Shadow Stalkers.

The book is lavishly illustrated by Tony Guaraldi-Brown who is the sole artist to work on this project. Every piece of art in the book is specifically created for the work, allowing a seamless flow of one artist using many different styles, and zero stock art.

Why wait any longer? The anticipation around the release has been over a year in the making, and it’s finally here! Get it today, play it today!

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