December 19, 2010

Devil Lizard

HP: 4d6 Num: 1-4 Spd: 6 Dmg: 1d6 Def: 6 Soak: 12 CL: 4 Devil lizards are neither devils nor lizards, though they share elements of both. They are 6 feet long mammals with four legs, four eyes, and a shark-like mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. A devil lizard has two long tails that are …

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Wellstone City – Renfeld

Renfeld Location: Wellstone City? Renfeld is a name that is whispered by the upper levels of the crime families and top crime syndicates in Wellstone City. He’s also known as the Ghost, the Phantom, and the Red Death, but his most common name is Renfeld. No one knows if that’s his real last name or …

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