HP: 2d6
Num: 1-10
Spd: fly 12
Dmg: 1d4
Def: 9
Soak: 3
CL: 3

Otherworldly creatures – not quite spirit, not quite elemental – the niirun are eternally in flight, their scores of gold and onyx shards orbiting in complex and ever shifting patterns around the snow-orange flames of their burning core. Niirun may appear suddenly, in virtually any environment and with no discernable pattern to their “choices”; some speculate that the creatures are not even aware and their actions are merely rote responses, though others believe their awareness is merely alien and some form of enchantment may allow proper communication.

Regardless of the truth, niirun do attack when provoked – and, sometimes, even when merely approached. Up to four of the niirun’s razor sharp shards may be brought to bear in a single round, launched from their orbit as if fired from a shortbow to inflict 1d4 hit points of damage each; or, if the creature prefers, it may cast the equivalent of hold creature as six shards orbit a chosen target and weave an elaborate brightwarp of confining, solid light.

Very rarely a niirun will appear and approach an injured individual, launching a single golden shard that upon impact heals 2d6 hit points of damage rather than causing injury. Unfortunately this “attack” may often be misinterpreted by allies of the wounded subject, and if combat results the niirun will reclaim its energies and then some, inflicting 2d8 hit points of damage on the formerly-healed creature in the form of sparkling fragments drawn out of the body and into the niirun’s core.