HP: 2d8
Num: 2d6
Spd: 2
Dam: 1d10
Def: 15
Soak: 10
CL: 4

Creatures of the earth, gebur — though possessing dense flesh, if one somehow gets past their outer shell — are best described as resembling athletic elves with a distinctly reptilian cast to their features and the hint of a scaly pattern on the surface of their skin. None would mistake a gebur for an elf, even a reptilian one, however; not after taking in the creature’s glittering crystal eyes, and the smooth slowing malachite that makes up skin, hair, even teeth and nails. Not the most gregarious of creatures, gebur are seldom found in numbers greater than a dozen or so — but those small groups fiercely defend one another. The only thing which will provoke a greater defensive fury is the theft of gebur egg-buds, and as those smooth ovals of semi-precious stone are all too tempting to outsiders, clashes can be quite common.

Forsaking weaponry unless magic has been somehow acquired — and spellcasters among their kind are exceedingly rare and revered — gebur wade into combat with fists swinging. They pack quite a punch; each successful attack inflicts 1d10 points of damage. The smooth stony skin of a gebur offers elemental protection as well as defense against mundane injury; all damage from fire or electricity is halved, and a gebur gains +3 to physical resistance rolls against earth-based magics of all kinds.