Website: Under Reconstruction

We’re trimming the fat from the site. Visitors over the next few days and weeks will notice that we are making what may appear to be very minor changes to the layout, and we are making it more user friendly to boot. These changes are long-overdue, but Ben and Kevin have blocked aside time to work on these much-needed updates.

Since you’re already here, you might as well hit the forums, swing by, introduce yourself, tell us about your gaming experiences, and ask any questions you may have!

In the near future, we’ll update you on what we have cooking in our Con schedule. You’ll have a rundown of where we’ll be, when we’ll be there, and what we may plan on running. This information will of course also be available in our forums as well.

If you find yourself with a couple of hours of time on your hands this summer, why not hit our Summer Writing Competition and try your hand at writing a Scene for Wellstone City. The contest rules and details are in the lower right hand corner, just right over there, next to what you’re reading now!