Elemental: Oorien

HP: 6d8
Num: 1
Spd: 4
Dam: 1d6
Def: 7
Soak: 4
CL: 8

Creatures composed of pearly bubbles of frozen breath suspended in one or more hovering watery rings of emerald green, the oorien travel to the physical world for two purposes: to breed, and to control. Oorien use their pearl spheres to dominate their victims — preferably human or at least humanoid, but any creature may conceivably serve the elemental’s purpose — and, once a critical mass of dominated victims is achieved, a second and lesser elemental is spawned from the first, leaving behind a bubble-less ring added to the “parent”. This ring gradually fills with pearls as time goes on. It is possible for entire small villages, or organizations such as bandit packs and insular guilds, to be under the control of an oorien, and at times one creature may use its pawns against another of its kind as a form of competition or acquisition of territory.

Faced with combat, an oorien launches bolts of liquid at incredible speed, inflicting 1d6 hit points of damage. The creature prefers to attack with a pearl whenever possible, however, ejecting the bubble violently from its substance; this attack also inflicts 1d6 damage, but if the victim fails a mental resistance check its will falls under the oorien’s command. This control is unaffected by distance unless the victim leaves its currently inhabited dimension. The creature may choose to delay exerting its control if it wishes, allowing the victim to believe they are unaffected.

When an oorien has claimed a number of victims equal to half its hit points, it spawns a second elemental with half the hit points of the parent.