Ooze: Yiaru

HP:  2d6
Num:  1d4
Spd:  2
Dmg:  1d4-1
Def:  3
Soak:  8
CL:  4
Gelatinous creatures of unknown origin and surprising apparent intelligence, the yiaru — or spelljellies — are a rapidly-growing hazard in any magic-laced locale which has had the misfortune to have become infested with them.  Though these shimmering amoebas have not yet developed the ability to actually tap into the nodes and ley-lines whose physical locations they mass in, alarmed sages and spellcasters of all types fear it may only be a matter of time.  Until that point, the engulfing jellies of the yiaru are danger enough in their absorption — and use — of spell power. If attacked or otherwise in danger, a yiaru will lash out with a pseudopod, causing 1d4-1 hit points of damage.  The spelljellies by far prefer to use magic, however, and at any given time a yiaru will have access to 1d6 spells of levels one to three and any element.  Making matters worse is the spelleating ability the creatures possess — any spell of levels one to three will be absorbed by the creature if cast directly upon it, healing it of twice the spell level in damage and allowing the jelly to store the spell for its own use.  A spelljelly may also attempt to absorb spells of greater level, with a 50% chance; if successful, twice the spell’s level is added in a point pool of sorts.  When that pool equals the yiaru’s maximum hit points, it fissures into two jellies.