Insectoid: Rik’sh

HP:  1d10
Num:  2d20
Spd:  4
Dam:  1d8 or 1d4
Def:   10
Soak:  8
CL:  3

Strange amalgamations of mantid and scorpion and human, the rik’sh stand some six to seven feet tall.  Roughly humanoid, these “blade-men” are completely encased in glittering golden-black chitin from their smooth antennae-graced skulls to the long grasping toes on their two feet.  Rik’sh have the heads of mantids and four arms; the greater pair are spined and bladed like those of a mantid, the lesser pair possessing jointed hands.  They do not have a protruding, insectile abdomen, but from the base of a blade-man’s spine sprours a scorpion’s long tail complete with bulbous sting, as long as the rik’sh is tall.

Under most circumstances a colony of rik’sh are non-hostile unless provoked or threatened.  Every once in a great while, however, a rik’sh is hatched with gleaming golden markings and brilliant wings; these rik’sh grow to be twice as powerful as their brethren — often wielding some form of magic — and inevitably turn to thoughts of conquest.  When such a one is in control of a colony no neighbouring sapients are spared the likelihood of invasion.

Though they could attack with weapons — and some do, using their lesser limbs — rik’sh prefer their arm-blade, inflicting 1d8 hit points of damage from each.  Far more deadly is a rik’sh’s sting; though causing only 1d4 hit points of damage, the pale venom kills in 1d4 hours if a resistance save is failed.