Elemental: Bikern

HP:  3d8
Num:  2d6
Spd:  5 (flying)
Dam:  1d8 + 1d4
Def:   5
Soak:  5
CL:  4Elemental creatures of flame and light, bikern are continually in motion.  Constantly rotating, twisting, wrapping around and through their own forms, bikern are composed of uncountable discs, rays, rings, indecipherable sigils and odder things, all formed from tongues of flame and brilliant light as hard and sharp as shattered glass.  Most bikern shimmer through colours from ruby to brilliant gold, but stranger colours have been known.Highly territorial, a bikern will lash out at anything it seems a threat to its domain – which may be anything from a forest fire to a carefully-maintained ruin filled with arcane lore.  The elemental attacks by “biting”, warping its rings and sigils into a jagged jaw that inflicts 1d8 hit points of damage, plus an additional 1d4 points of fire damage.  It is most deadly when wounded; once brought to one-half or less of its hit points, if the bikern is not dispatched within the following round it will detonate.  This detonation burns all in a 10′ radius for damage equal to the bikern’s total remaining hit points.   Bikern are immune to damage from light- and fire-based sources.