Construct: Shivering Wing

HP: 1d6
Num: 1d4
Spd: 6
Dmg: 1d2 + 1d2
Def: 6
Soak: 12
CL:  1

A shivering wing is an animated construct, one of the most commonly found in the ruins of ancient craft-mages due to its relative simplicity and ease of construction; at that,  it is such a relatively inoffensive thing that many sages believe its enchantment to have been the first test of a newly-proven apprentice to the craft-mage’s teachings.  Regardless of its specific form (avian and insectile shapes seem to have been preferred, though tiny dragons, winged cats and stranger things are not unknown), a shivering wing is always a sculpture in crystal and exotic alloys and carrying a glowing elemental stone embedded in its belly.  This vibrating stone is the source of the construct’s common name.

Shivering wings are most usually encountered as active defenders of their ancient haunts, or even in the possession of undead spellcasters; if one is lucky enough to discover a dormant wing, touching a drop of one’s blood to the elemental stone will awaken it and bind it to the individual whose blood touched it.

Whether biting, clawing or using some other method of attack, a shivering wing inflicts 1d2 hit points of damage plus an additional 1d2 hit points of damage of the same elemental type as their embedded stone.