Work in Progress: Eiridia’s Cover

Hi folks, Ben here.

Though it’s been pretty quiet out here in Gryphon territory, we’re starting to really ramp up the production on 2012’s releases. Eiridia is getting ever closer to completion; with the manuscript almost completely written and all of the existing writing edited, it falls to me to finish it off with art, layout, and graphical goodness. We’re not quite ready to unveil the logo yet, but I thought I’d throw out a bit of a teaser – a work-in-progress shot of the front cover!

The beautiful lineart was done by Michael Mayne, the artist behind the comic book Bonnie Lass. I gave him a description evocative of Cthulhu and Conan, and he really delivered in spades. I’ve taken over now and begun the color work. I’m hoping to have it finished in the next week or two, along with a few black-and-white monster pieces.

Without further adieu, here it is: